So why rent from Victory Toyota?

  • Unlike what you may have heard, our rental rates are competitive with or less than regular vehicle rental companies. Sometimes a lot less. Check out our rates and see for yourself.
  • Our fleet of rental vehicles are current models that are constantly maintained by our Toyota certified technicians. So you can have confidence in their reliability and can take advantage of Toyota's latest features..
  • We make it a point to keep a diverse line-up of models in our rental fleet, so whether you need a gas-saving hybrid, or a pick-up truck with a roomy bed, or a 4-wheel drive SUV to have fun in the sun or snow, we've got you covered!
  • We make it easy for you. You just need to come in to 5 Heitzinger Plaza in Seaside, fill out your rental agreement and drive away.  We're friendly too!
  • Looking to really research that new Toyota you were thinking about buying? Rent from us and we can match you with the model you're interested in and show you how to use all its bells and whistles so ou can really get everything out of the car before you buy.

   Sometimes a test drive just isn't enough. We understand.

Want to REALLY try it before you buy it? Victory Toyota TRAC Rent a Car gives you the perfect opportunity to really find out how a new Toyota fits into your life.

Rent it. Like it. Buy it!

  Take that Special Weekend Trip; or Tackle that Business Task.

Enjoy a weekend getaway in a vehicle that gives you extra capabilities like 4-Wheel Drive.  Or rent that Toyota model that can tackle that work job...or impress the boss. Victory Toyota is here for you!

  Car in the shop? Victory Toyota's got you covered!

If you need temporaty transportation while your car is in the shop? You don't even have to leave the dealership. We have a fleet of great, versatile vehicles for you to choose from. So, no need to slow down. We'll keep your busy life going.
Whether you're headed out to take advantage of that new blanket of powder, or you just found out you need to pick up 24 boxes of your latest new company catalog. You could find yourself in temporary need for a different type of vehicle than you usually drive. Or you might need an extra car for visitors, or out of town work guests. There are millions of reasons why you might find a need for a rental vehicle. So why settle for less than the best? And as we mentioned before, we're friendly too!